5 tips to rank higher in serps with the right content

5 Tips To Rank Higher in SERPs With The Right Content


oogle holds a market share of 67% in the global search market and controls how web pages are ranked on SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). The Google algorithms are frequently updated with new rules and all the websites have to keep up with these updates to rank higher. 

An outstanding, original, and reliable content is a major ranking factor for Google SERPs. Our SEO Services at Viewy Digital ensure that all ranking factors are strictly considered while formulating content. 

How to Rank higher in SERPs through content?

The aim of Google is to deliver high quality and reliable and relevant information to users. In order to rank higher in SERPs, you must ensure that your content follows the below-mentioned criteria:

  • User’s Search Intent

Google requires web content developers to focus on the intent of the users. This will help users get the required information according to the searched query. The search intent types include informational, navigational, transactional, and commercial. If the content of your website or blog doesn’t match the intent of the ranking of your web pages will drop.

  • Content Formatting

The formatting of the content is also vital when it comes to ranking higher on Search Engine Result Pages. The content must be presented according to the type of information being conveyed to the users. The right formatting grabs the user’s attention and engages them better.

  • SEO Optimized Content

The content must be optimized according to the SEO standards and rules. It must not be over-stuffed with keywords, must have reliable information,  reasonable word count, be precise, and several other such factors that make your content stand out. Our team of SEO Experts in Dubai ensures that the content quality is not compromised.

  • Content Credibility

The facts and information mentioned in your content must be properly cited so that users are sure that this information is reliable and builds trust among them.

  • Engaging

Your content must be interactive and engaging so that users can connect with what you are delivering.

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