7 ecommerce personalization tips

7 E-Commerce Personalization Tips to Boost Your Sales


ust imagine visiting your preferred retail store and finding out that they already know what you want, what is going to suit you the best and what is something you have been after for a long time. In simpler terms they are making your purchase a pleasure-able experience.

In practicality, you might consider it an exclusive shopping experience. Yet, in e-commerce, you can treat every guest like an exclusive customer—on account of e-commerce personalization. This improves the shopping experience as well as makes the customer feel special. Let us take a glance at 7 e-commerce personalization tips to support your sales.

  •  Geographical Personalization 

In e-commerce business it’s a need to spread a word of your products worldwide and for that you need to optimize your online store according to different geographies.

  • Special Incentives for Loyal Customers

One of the best practices you can follow is that you can segment your customers according to their flow of purchases from your store. This helps you keep the keep the ones who have been consistently buying from you and bring back the ones who are starting to move away.

  • Creation of Customer Friendly Home Pages

Every successful e-commerce app follows one major aspect which is how they treat their customers and provide them with a superior shopping experience which is achieved through superior e-commerce app development. Your e-commerce business can boom if you can provide your customers with a flawless shopping experience.

  • Sending Emails Dependent on Site Conduct

Email is the most effective channel with regards to E-Commerce advertising. The first step any E-Commerce store ought to take, before starting electronic mail advertising is to dynamically segment the website site visitors in step with their on-website behaviour. This can boost your e-commerce business but the important step to keep in mind is timing. If there is a delay a customer may change their mind. 

  • Develop an Assisting List of Products

An important point in e-commerce app development is the way customer reacts when buying from you. By this we mean preparing a curated or assisting list of products for customer so that they waste less time and buy desired product in short time. They can be notified of this list through the channel they are most active at i-e Mobile, email or e-commerce app. Follow this step for your e-commerce store and your sales will never go low.  

  • Personalized Exit Popups

If a customer visits your e-commerce store for the first time upon recommendation and wants to buy a specific product. Spends more time on your e-commerce app in comparison to others and then visits other sites for price comparison. If the customer decides to leave your store, giving certain discounts can prove very beneficial as it makes the customer feel more welcoming and clears up his/her mind in buying from your e-commerce store.

  • Cross-Sell During Checkout

In the e-commerce business it’s all about supporting your customers purchase the goods they want, while not having them go through your entire catalogue. Making the purchasing experience customized for them means that they’ll keep coming back for more.

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