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8 Web Development Trends Every CTO Should be Ready for in 2021


eb development trends are changing because of innovation and advancement in the IT industry.

It is important for CTO’s to understand the web development trends, so they can adopt such strategies that help to compete in the world. Below is the list of 8 important web development trends in 2021.

  • AMP technology:

AMP(accelerated mobile pages) technology enables websites to load rapidly on mobile devices. AMP pages can be loaded within 2 seconds. AMP also helps in the optimization of websites.

  • API-first development:

Web solutions should link other apps easily. Wearables, mobiles have made them integral for connection purposes. So API-development also requires consideration.

Companies should give attention to API-first development so that devices can be connected easily.

  • Responsive website:

Responsive websites are dynamic in website development. Responsive websites are mobile-friendly and the majority of users are mobile users so these are very popular. According to Gartner, the marketer gets 80% of engagements through mobile websites.

  • Motion UI in web development trends:

You can retain users for a long time by the attractiveness of the website. Motion UI library gives developers access to create quick transitions and animations for websites.

  • Voice search optimization:

People are searching for content through voice search. Adding Web Speech API helps developers to enable voice data into the web.

  • PWA(Progressive Web Apps):

PWA provides fast browsing just like an app on your device. Its functionality is the same as an app such as offline access, hardware access, push notifications and so on. Big brands like Alibaba, Twitter and Forbes using PWA.

  • Artificial intelligence in website development:

By using artificial intelligence technology, companies can ease the problems of users to show relevant information on search in the website. So this technology is very important for businesses.

  • Push notifications:

Companies can send information to their users through push notifications. Web app notifications can engage companies and users directly. So this trend is also necessary to adopt.

So these are important web development trends that decision-makers should follow.