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Admob advertising

Google has a mobile advertising network called AdMob that was created especially for apps. Users that have their games interrupted by AdMob adverts may find them bothersome, but since creators may generate money from the AdMob mobile app advertising in their place, this allows them to offer mobile games for free.

While it is frequently inconvenient for mobile gamers to have their games cut short by advertisements, for many developers, these advertisements are an essential source of income that motivates them to provide a better gaming experience. Over 1 million apps use AdMob, the most well-known network for mobile app advertising.

How Google AdMob Works?

To use AdMob as a platform for promoting their app from within other mobile apps, advertisers must pay Google. Providing other apps with advertising space within their game also enables apps to generate AdMob money, even with a free mobile game. Google makes money by charging users of AdMob a charge.

By making it simple for advertisers to use the AdMob mobile ad network and have their advertising integrated into mobile apps, Google AdMob has significantly advanced the monetization of mobile apps.

Discover the Advantages of AdMob

  • More Investment, Smarter 

AdMob can fulfill your ad requests from anywhere in the globe because it is one of the biggest international ad networks. Utilize the most cutting-edge monetization technology to maximize the value of each impression across all of your networks.

  • high-impact ad formats

With our cutting-edge ad formats, you can engage and keep your users. By seamlessly integrating native, rewarded, banner, video, and interstitial advertising into your app, you can personalize the user experience and increase income.

  • Relevant analytics                 

Improve customer experience and increase mobile app revenue by making wiser decisions. Deeper insights into how your users are interacting with your mobile app and advertising are provided by AdMob’s sophisticated reporting and measurement services. By directly integrating Google Analytics for Firebase and AdMob, you may gain even more detailed information.

  • Automated devices

With the help of our automated technologies, streamline your daily duties. Our products include everything from cutting-edge brand safety controls to cutting-edge monetization technology with mediation and bidding, all of which are simple to set up and integrate.

Viewy Digital & Admob Advertisement

At Viewy Digital, we provide a broad range of Google commercial solutions, such as Google Tag Manager, DoubleClick, and AdMob. Hundreds of app developers have worked with us as a top digital marketing and mobile development agency in the UAE, the Middle East, and India to maximize their AdMob earnings.

Our AdMob Mobile App Advertising Services
  • Understanding the campaign goals and business objectives
  • Making campaign planning and strategy
  • Campaign Setup
  • ongoing performance evaluation and improvement
  • Fine-tuning Strategy & Re-implementation
  • Reporting 


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