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COVID-19 and App Explosion: Impact Of The Pandemic On App Usage

 c  ovid-19 has changed the world in many ways. Businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic. To survive in the current situation businesses had to find ways to adapt. The huge surge in mobile interactions showed companies that they needed to invest in app development to stay connected, productive, and manage finances without any trouble. To survive the pandemic …

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the effects of covid19 on the web development companies in the uae

The Effects of COVID-19 on The Web Development Companies in The UAE

 C  ovid-19 has disrupted every aspect of life. It has struck a serious blow to many businesses and companies including website development services in Dubai. The current situation forced companies to find ways to adapt to the new reality and establish a work culture that allowed them to stay afloat. Viewy digital is a reliable web design company in the …

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7 key lessons learned from the pandemic to strengthen online grocery

7 Key Lessons Learned from the Pandemic to Strengthen Online Grocery

 T  he eCommerce business in Dubai and worldwide has been greatly impacted due to the Coronavirus pandemic. People and businesses are adapting to the evolving market place currently by shifting to online grocery stores for attuning to the new normal.  The current pandemic has unfolded that the business processes are flawed when it comes to dealing with certain disasters, situations, …

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how will seo lead companies through covid19 business recovery

How SEO Will Lead Companies Through COVID-19 Business Recovery

 T  he Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lifestyles completely. The impact of this global health emergency is varied for different industries. According to stats an average of 75% of users are spending more time on social media platforms, and only 4% among them do not want to see brand ads.  A majority of users are relying on search engine results …

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ecommerce stor survival strategy during coronavirus lockdown

E-Commerce Store Survival Strategy During Coronavirus Lockdown

 T  he coronavirus pandemic has changed our lifestyles immensely. More than 190 countries have been affected by this global health emergency so far. Every business type is experiencing challenges and setbacks due to the current situation as countries have imposed lockdown and unnecessary travel bans.  If you want your business to survive these difficult times, a practical and smart eCommerce …

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