the effects of covid19 on the web development companies in the uae

The Effects of COVID-19 on The Web Development Companies in The UAE

 C  ovid-19 has disrupted every aspect of life. It has struck a serious blow to many businesses and companies including website development services in Dubai. The current situation forced companies to find ways to adapt to the new reality and establish a work culture that allowed them to stay afloat. Viewy digital is a reliable web design company in the …

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5 things you should know before developing an app

5 Things You Should Know Before Developing an App

 T  he introduction of smartphones has brought a revolution in the IT industry among others. The percentage of traffic being redirected from mobile phones is greater as compared to other platforms. The app stores are flooded with more than 2.5 million mobile-based applications and the numbers are increasing daily. This has led to an increase in the Mobile App Development …

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use automating software development for speeding up innovation

Use Automating Software Development for Speeding up Innovation

 I  t was told long ago that every business would slowly get transformed into a software business. Well, it is true because if we check the current records, there are about $500 million software businesses operating freely in this competitive world market. Every big-sized enterprise company is engrossed in hiring more engineers and experts so that they can develop their …

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