visual hierarchy of website

The Benefits of Creating a Visual Hierarchy in Website Design

At Viewy Digital, we understand the importance of creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website design. One essential aspect of achieving this goal is through the use of a visual hierarchy. A visual hierarchy refers to the arrangement and organization of website elements to prioritize and guide the user’s attention to the most important information. In this article, we will …

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web development

8 Web Development Trends Every CTO Should be Ready for in 2021

w eb development trends are changing because of innovation and advancement in the IT industry. It is important for CTO’s to understand the web development trends, so they can adopt such strategies that help to compete in the world. Below is the list of 8 important web development trends in 2021. AMP technology: AMP(accelerated mobile pages) technology enables websites to …

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mobile app or website development

Mobile App Development or Website Development Which is the Best for You

 P   eople are using mobiles more than desktop computer. According to the latest research, more than 90% of internet users use mobile to get online. So businesses are using mobile strategies to grow their businesses. For making business products mobile-friendly businesses focus on the two mobile strategies: mobile app development or website development. Below some features are discussed, select any …

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web development company

Benefits of Developing Website with Professional Web Development Company

 D   eveloping an impressive and interactive website has become mandatory for every business nowadays. The website acts as the face of the company and provides all related information about your services and products. The web development must be done in a manner that the website works efficiently, effectively, and delivers high performance. Benefits of hiring a professional web development company …

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5 top features you should offer on your grocery ecommerce website

5 Top Features You Should Offer on Your Grocery eCommerce Website

 D  uring the current global situation, a majority of shoppers have shifted to eCommerce stores for buying groceries and other essentials. This surge in the conversion rate of these online stores depends upon the user-centric features embedded into them. The eCommerce website must offer the following features for enriched user experience : Streamlined Product Search An efficient product search functionality …

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website development requirement checklist

Website Development Requirements Checklist

 E  asy access to the internet has revolutionized the lives of humans. Huge quantities of information and data are just a single click away. The number of target audiences is expanding with each passing day. As a result, responsible web pages are becoming more popular despite the huge number of available mobile apps. The introduction of new frameworks and programming …

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web design trends to rule in 2019

Web Design Trends To Rule In 2019

 J  ust having a website on the World Wide Web wouldn’t help you get the engagement and conversions that you need for your business. That’s where website design comes into play. The elements of website design like graphics, images, colors, typography, whitespace, navigation, content, etc., play a crucial role in defining the essence of your website and making the users …

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