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The business world of the current era is continuously evolving with the evolving technology and mobile phones have become a common channel for accessing information, initiating communications, and using applications anytime, anywhere.

At Viewy Digital, we keep a close tab at the changing demands and leave no stone unturned in boosting the business. Whether we talk about web services, mobile applications, or websites, we promise our clients with inimitable solution of cloud backend server that ensures smooth functioning of the application for efficacious data retrieval smoothly.

Viewy Digital’s backend server development is appropriate for providing a client with a suitable location of the server. We also offer assistance for the selection of a cloud-based service or other hosted solutions.

Amazon Web Services

Owing to our considerable expertise in using AWS for server backend support, our services are trustworthy and economical. Many clients have been making the best use of our AWS for over a decade.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Services

The team of developers at Viewy Digital specializes in building the backend servers using storage, computing, mobile networking, and analytics from Microsoft Azure.

PHP Database Development

Our developers frequently use the PHP side-server language for building up the backup component and connect it with the third-party web services. It is done for supporting the frontend of an application. We highly endorse PHP backend when easy-to-use information pulling and editing is needed in the database.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which programming languages are used for backend development?

PHP, Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and other programming languages are just a few of the many we are well-versed. Additionally, we choose the most suitable developer that has an in-depth understanding of the necessary tech stack or project requirements.

How many funds are required for backend web development?

The cost of backend development varies depending on several things, like as,

  • Quantity of data
  • technical specifications
  • developers engaged in the project

Get in touch with us to learn the precise development cost for your project.

How much time does backend development take?

The complexity of your project will have a significant impact on how long it takes to create. For instance, it may take three to fifteen months to construct a sophisticated site.

What justifies backend development as an investment?

The front end and back end of a website should both be a priority while developing it. The backend handles the server-side programme and ensures smooth operation while the front handles the UI of the app.

What is the role of a backend developer?

Frameworks that serve as the backend of an app or website are created and maintained by backend developers. They build a good ecosystem that enables the presence of websites' or apps' user interfaces.