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COVID-19 and App Explosion: Impact Of The Pandemic On App Usage


ovid-19 has changed the world in many ways. Businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic. To survive in the current situation businesses had to find ways to adapt.

The huge surge in mobile interactions showed companies that they needed to invest in app development to stay connected, productive, and manage finances without any trouble. To survive the pandemic companies needed to hire a reliable mobile app development company in Dubai, so they can keep offering services.

Impact Of The Pandemic On Different Apps

  • Remote working:

The pandemic forced businesses to shut their workplaces. The employees have to work from home and to stay connected they need mobile apps. Remote working is not a new concept but the pandemic made it the only option for companies. Organizations could either use pre-existing apps or hire a mobile app company to develop an app that would satisfy their business needs.

  • E-learning:

With the closure of educational institutes, the need for e-learning apps increased. Apps are crucial to continue the learning process, especially in present uncertain times. 

  • Fitness industry:

The social distancing restrictions resulted in the closure of gyms and made going to the hospital a huge hassle. People started using health and fitness apps as an alternative. The users of health and fitness apps have increased significantly since the start of the pandemic.

  • Entertainment apps:

Social distancing and quarantine rules made it hard for people to have a good and relaxing time. Entertainment apps like video streaming, social media, and gaming apps have become highly popular. They have become a source of entertainment for people during the restricting time.

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