Digital innovation in Dubai expo

Digital Innovation in Dubai Expo 2020 – A Security Showcase


ubai Expo will be one of the largest events in the Arab world, with 200+ participants and 180+ countries. Hence, the latest technology is being used to provide high-level security to all visitors. 

Moreover, event planners have spared no effort to ensure visitors have a memorable experience. 

An Event That Could House a City

Siemens is responsible for managing the security system of Expo 2020. The Expo site is twice as big as Monaco. This makes it a huge challenge for security managers to ensure everything is working properly.

Moreover, Expo involves a base built for cities to share information, knowledge, resources, and data.

One Interface for Thousands of Cameras and Access Control Points

The security management system (SMS) of Expo is built on a very large scale. Thus, it includes information from the following systems:

  • 15000 cameras
  • 3500 access control reader
  • Fire alarms
  • Communication
  • Vehicle and person location
  • Video analysis by AI engines

As a result, all the details are available at the security team’s fingertips. Thus, the advanced system has made it easy to track and respond to emergencies. Also, control center operators can see live footage from all security cameras. 

Informed Everywhere, All The Time

On-site security personnel of the Expo 2020 site will have access to a special security mobile app. The app lets them monitor security cameras and raise alarms. Furthermore, it shares their location with the Expo Command and Control Centre. This will be used to respond to emergencies on time. 

A legacy in security infrastructure

The security system of Expo 2020 will also support Dubai’s future projects. These include the smart community District and evolution in Dubai South. 

Surely, it will be an inspiration for the rest of the world. The security of Expo 2020 will set the foot for the growth of smart cities of the future. 

Viewy digital will also be a part of this huge event and add to the growth of technology in Dubai. For more details, get in touch and see how we can help you and your business.