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Mobile App In E-commerce Businesses

Viewy Digital is known to develop mobile highly interactive applications that improve your e-commerce store’s customer engagement. We know that the realm of e-commerce has expanded dramatically over the years and combined with the power of mobile application technology, e-commerce has risen to a whole new level. Each store wants to create their own e-commerce mobile app to reach into the smartphones of their target buyers and increase its sales. Viewy Digital assists all these online store owners and merchants by developing an e-commerce mobile app like no other. Whether yours is still a retail shop, a startup, a small/medium enterprise, or a well-established e-commerce store, our ecommerce mobile app development solutions in UAE can help you scale your business and penetrate into your target customers’ smartphones.

Reason Why Mobile Apps Are Replacing Mobile Website

  • Dedicated: Mobile applications dedicatedly cater the specific requirement of the user and enable them to perform the required actions more quickly and easily.
  • Quick Loading: While websites on mobile as well as desktops take some time to load, mobile apps load instantly and even offer offline services.
  • Tailored Content: Mobile apps ask the specific requirements of the users and offer an experience tailored according to their preferences only.

Advantages of E-Commerce Mobile App Development in UAE

Gone are the days when buyers had to physically visit stores, examine products, and stand in long queues to buy it. Today, e-commerce has offered the ease and comfort that buyers have been yearning for. It lets them skip the physical exercise of going to the stores and searching for the specific product. And there is no better way to experience all the advantages of e-commerce transition than via mobile apps.

While mobile apps have been revolutionizing the world with their dedicated browsing, quick loading, and customized experience, one industry that has seen the most use of mobile apps is the e-commerce industry. E-commerce mobile apps allow the online shoppers to view their products quickly, get products that they want to buy, and even enjoy various discount offers.

Our E-Commerce Mobile App Development Services in UAE

Reshaping the E-commerce Industry

E-commerce mobile applications are certainly reshaping the e-commerce industry. A number of studies have even proved that 89% of the users prefer mobile apps over mobile website to buy products. Moreover, two-thirds of the online traffic on a majority of e-commerce stores is coming directly from mobile apps. With the right set of tools, technologies, and an innovative approach to integrate business into an advanced mobile platform, Viewy Digital’s e-commerce mobile apps promise more sales.

Our custom mobile app development solutions enable businesses to integrate the best of all features and functionalities into their mobile app and improve the customer retention. We provide ideas for UI/UX design of the application, its checkout process, its speed, and the navigation. We also design your app in such a way that it offers customized push notifications to your customers and a tailor-made experience to increase sale of products.

Why Choose Viewy Digital For E-Commerce Website & App Development in UAE

  • User-Friendly Design: An e-commerce website needs to be more intuitive and user-friendly to keep the online shoppers engaged. We develop e-commerce sites that have a simple and easy-to-use design.
  • High Quality Images: Images are what attract majority of the buyers and help them complete the purchase. We ensure that high-quality image integration allows clear visibility of each product’s image.
  • Mobile-Responsive: With mobile becoming the go-to device for all types of purchases and browsing products, having a mobile-friendly e-commerce site is important. And Viewy Digital promises the same.
  • Secure Payment Gateway: For every e-commerce site, integration of advanced payment gateways to allow quick yet secure payment is imperative. With our e-commerce web development solutions, we integrate the most secure payment methods.