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Every day, millions of businesses all around the world use Google Adwords. The number of adverts you view when using Google search will alert you. Google Adwords assists you in attracting relevant visitors to your website. If you want to increase your online customer base. You’ve arrived at the ideal page if you want to use Google to elevate your company’s ranking.

Viewy Digital has been conducting business in the UAE as a recognized Google Partner agency. It pays to market your business on Google, whether it is local or international. It is the greatest source of consumer traffic, increased visibility, and overall trustworthiness because it is the most widely used search engine in the world.

To help you get a foothold in the biggest search engine on the internet, our Google experts offer comprehensive advertising options. We bring your market to you, whether you’re a big corporation or a local small business.

Why Your Business Really Need GOOGLE ADS


We Learn Everything Before Placing A Google Advertisement

The following considerations should be made before placing a Google advertisement.

  • What are your marketing objectives? Have a distinct marketing aim
  • Do you desire higher sales? Increase brand awareness? gain more website visitors? Downloads of apps Videos viewed?
  • What advantages do you provide? Your edge in a contest? Why ought a customer purchase from you?
  • Who are your ideal clients? What type of messaging and marketing materials are you planning to use?
  • The calibre of your landing pages? Do you employ retargeting and conversion tracking?

Types of Google Ads Campaigns:

  • Make sure your landing page is appropriate and contains some compelling offers if you want to advertise on Google Search. Because of the high cost of advertising, each click is significant.
  • Run display or banner advertising if you want to raise the exposure of your concept, idea, or instructional visuals and videos. They are inexpensive.
  • Pay-per-view video advertisements on YouTube are an effective way to express your narrative. Your brand message may be elevated as a result.

Succeed With Our Google Advertising Expertise

1.Google AdWords

Campaign setup and targeting, administration, tracking, ad content generation, reporting, and optimization are all part of AdWords management services. Your campaigns will be built by our AdWords specialists in the most economical and economical way feasible. It is suggested as an advertising alternative for start-ups and small enterprises because of its pay-per-click business strategy.

2. Search Advertising

The relevance of your ad’s keywords, ad text, and landing page content all affect its ranking. Our Google-certified professionals have countless hours of expertise managing search advertising for businesses in a variety of sectors. We can help you combine conversion rates with budget expenditures so that you can achieve lucrative ROIs for your advertising initiatives. We know how to target and carry out your campaigns in the most effective way.

3.Shopping Ads

Instead of relying on keywords, our shopping ads use buyer behaviour to meet our dual informational and choice demands. Google automatically displays the most pertinent products when someone submits a search query for an item. Shopping Ads help consumers narrow down their options and move them one step closer to making a purchase by providing additional product details like an image, name, and price.

4. Remarketing Ads

78% of your visitors often leave their shopping carts empty. Any number of factors could be at play, including an unforeseen disruption, a better deal elsewhere, a future purchase intention, etc. Regardless of the devices they use, our Remarketing Ad services for websites, mobile applications, videos, search advertisements, and email lists will make sure that your visitors remember you at crucial stages during their online trip.

5.AdMob Services

With our management services, you can streamline your advertising and lower the cost of advertising for your mobile apps. With the many ad types offered by AdMob, as well as its adaptable controls, dynamic modifications, and limitless analytics, we assist you in scaling up your mobile app quickly and painlessly. Cross-promote your apps to users in more than 200 countries using a variety of devices and browsers.

6. DoubleClick Services

A different set of tools are needed for big enterprises. Introducing the DoubleClick management solution, a platform that combines analytics, mobile, search, and display advertising. We can manage, track, optimise, and report on the success of your Google accounts—including AdWords, Yahoo/Bing/Baidu search, as well as the creation of rich media—from a single platform thanks to DoubleClick.

7. Display Advertising

Use customised advertisements to highlight your products on the websites that your audience visits most frequently. Utilize our display marketing services to your advantage. We produce advertisements in a range of styles, including expanding ads, animated banners, interactive ads, and static display ads. Enjoy a tonne of exposure by making use of the Google Display Network’s potential ad placements on almost two million websites.

8. YouTube Advertising

Unbeknownst to you, YouTube is the second-largest search engine after its owner Google. Based on their gender, geography, hobbies, and preferred language, reach out to your target audience. Increase brand recognition with expertly designed video advertisements from our top Specialists. From campaign conception and management through tracking, optimization, and reporting, we offer comprehensive YouTube Ad management services.

Advertise on Google – The Benefits

1. Brand Awareness:

This is the ideal option if raising brand recognition is your goal. On well-known websites like Facebook, YouTube, Gulf News, and other top websites globally, your message will appear as Text Ads, Image Ads, Rich Text Media & Video Ads (GDN). People who read and browse popular websites will see your advertisements. You’ll learn: 

  • How many people view your adverts.
  • how many people visited your website after clicking on one of your adverts?
2. Website Traffic

This is the greatest option if you want to increase the number of people who visit your website. Your advertisements will appear in the aforementioned Google Search and Google Display networks. With this technique, you will obtain the most clicks and visits to your website. You will learn about:

  • How many people see your ads?
  • how many people visited your website after clicking on one of your adverts.
  • information on the people who visit your website.
3. Lead Generation

This is the greatest option if you want to increase the number of leads who visit your website. Users that are interested in your goods or service will see your adverts. Here, we strive to maximize conversions using conversion tracking and remarketing technology. We adjust your advertisement so that only interested users click it and go to your website. You can receive calls from potential clients or sales prospects. You will learn about:

  • How many people see your ads?
  • how many people visited your website after clicking on one of your adverts.
  • How many leads, sales, and calls do you receive every day?
  • ROI – Return on Investment measurement and ROAS – Return on Ad Spend

PPC Management, Adwords Campaign Management Price

google ads agency
  • Your prices fluctuate since your aims are diverse.
  • You can operate Pay per Click (PPC) and other Google advertising services with the assistance of our leading Digital Marketing Company, Google ads accredited agency in Dubai.
  • Experts in Google Ads management in Dubai have experience designing extremely effective Google ads, such as search advertising, display, commerce, video, remarketing, etc.
  • Therefore, get in contact with us, a Google Ads management firm in the UAE, right now if you’re looking for qualified Google ads services.
  • We are a company that generates leads in the UAE. In order to produce fresh, qualified leads, we provide digital marketing services.