how will seo lead companies through covid19 business recovery

How SEO Will Lead Companies Through COVID-19 Business Recovery


he Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lifestyles completely. The impact of this global health emergency is varied for different industries.

According to stats an average of 75% of users are spending more time on social media platforms, and only 4% among them do not want to see brand ads

A majority of users are relying on search engine results for valuable and helpful information. It has become extremely significant for companies to enhance their online presence. This can be done only by improving your Search Engine Optimization Services.

You can hire an SEO Company in Dubai to get the best results and rank higher on search engines. The SEO practices to be followed for your business recovery during covid-19 are mentioned below.

10 Effective SEO Methods To Focus On:

  •  Generate More Organic Traffic

It has been observed that 83% of the traffic being redirected from search engines is organic. During this crisis, you must devise ways to improve your content and make it more user-centric to amplify enhance the number of organic users.

  •  Update Your Top-Performing Content

Organic traffic can persist for long periods. So you must hire an SEO Agency in Dubai to update and review the most visited website pages and make it more unique and informative for users and search engines.

  • Improve UX

Improved user experience can help you in increasing the ratio of your business’s returning users and more conversions.

  • Conversion Optimization

Depending upon the kind of business you are running, you must keep your webpage updated according to the demands of users in the current situation. Strategies implemented to increase conversion rate will help you in improving your sales and ROI.

  • Keep Your Content Updated

An up to date content written according to the ongoing global circumstances is more likely to attract more potential customers as compared to outdated content.

  • Consumers are Searching for Guidelines

Every internet user is searching for the latest news and information related to covid-19. You must grab their attention by providing reliable information and expert advice on the subject to generate more traffic to your webpage.

  • SEO Handles Both Global and Local Search

You must avail this opportunity to optimize your keywords around local as well as global markets. This can  be be done by providing people with guidelines and information specific to their location to build a strong brand image.

  • Device an Amazing Marketing Strategy

Choosing the right SEO Agency in Dubai will ensure that your marketing strategy  is executed on top priority. The marketing strategy plays a vital role in reaching out to your potential customers and conveying your brand’s message resulting in an improved ROI. Click here to learn more about Your Digital Marketing ROI

  • Users are Searching Even When They Are Not Buying

You must take advantage of the fact that people are spending more time on search engines. So, make your website’s SEO better to gain more visitors and rank higher on search engines.

  • Be the Voice of the Customer

During the current scenario, you must put yourself in the customer’s shoes and determine what exactly they need during this time.

The Covid-10 pandemic has brought diverse business-related challenges along with it. These challenges can be encountered through the implementation of intelligent Search Engine Optimization strategies and methodologies.