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Viewy Digital has years of experience in developing sophisticated iPhone apps for forward-thinking organizations and startups in a wide variety of industries. Viewy Digital is a recognized leader in the field of iOS Mobile application development. Our clients include innovative startups, healthcare firms, educational institutions, retail businesses, entertainment providers, sports organizations, nonprofits, and more. Viewy Digital is a recognized IOS App Development Company in UAE in the field of iOS Mobile Apps Development and we are the leading iPhone App Development Company in UAE. A team of deft individuals backs us up and takes care of every task that we execute at our facility. So, for standard and bespoke iPhone app development requirements, feel free to connect with us

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Viewy Digital is a leading mobile application development firm specializing in building apps for both Android and IOS platforms. We provide our esteemed clients with a seamless and robust process for iPhone App Development in Dubai and worldwide. Our customer’s requirements are our vital focus and their satisfaction is our goal. Our team of highly-skilled mobile developers has proven themselves as the best App developers in the UAE.

  • Understanding the needs and business goals for your iPhone App
  • Creation of the UI/UX designs your app needs to achieve those goals.
  • Full app compatibility for all iPhone versions and models.
  • Complete testing and deployment of your iPhone application to app stores.
  • Full post-production support, enhancement requirements, and maintenance.
  • Full marketing services support for your iOS App.
  • Full backend server support and creation of a matching Android app for your iPhone App.

Why iPhone Apps re Important For Your Business?

During the current era, it’s extremely important to evolve your businesses according to the latest trends and technologies. Apple is the most people’s favorite smartphone brand with its amazing operating system and impressive features. Being one of the topmost mobile phone operating systems your business must have an iPhone app so that your customers can interact with your business anywhere, anytime.

iPhone Apps are mandatory for your business due to the following reasons :

  • The amazing performance of the iOS platform, unparalleled customer service, and advanced equipment make iPhone apps a preferable option for users across the globe.
  • Apple users are more willing for payment of in-app purchases and paid apps making it a more profitable option as compared to other platforms
  • The interface of applications build on IOS has proven to be user-centric. The user interface is controlled and results in improved sales.
  • The applications developed on IOS are secure and safe from malicious attacks making it a preferable choice from users from all over the world.
  • The transactions carried out via iPhone applications are highly secured.
  • Applications build for Apple phones generate more ROI as compared to other platforms.

Why Viewy Digital for iphone App Development?

  • Expertly engaging with clients to gather all the information necessary to create a crystal-clear statement of the app’s scope and requirements.
  • Modularize the project to ensure that each development phase meets all prerequisites needed to ensure quality and efficient execution.
  • Providing interval testing builds to clients to ensure the product meets or exceeds their vision.
  • Viewy Digital’s time-tested processes are designed to deliver for you. The Viewy Digital process begins and ends with the client. From the first conversation about your project to the final public release in the App Store, everything we do is client-centered and designed to achieve your goals.

Our iPhone App Development Services:



Our iPhone App Development process is streamlined and exclusive quality checks are carried out throughout the process by the best team of IOS App Developers in UAE. Our services for iPhone App Development in Dubai comprise of the following:

  • Development of native apps according to customers’ requirements and demands.
  • We ensure that your applications run smoothly on iOS through patching and frequently updating 
  • UI/UX designing for your apps to grab users’ attention.
  • App testing
  • Deployment of the development apps on the App Store.
  • Portability of iPhone Apps
  • Follow the guidelines provided by Apple App Store
  • Publish your applications on Apple Store
  • Ensure a seamless app launch
  • App maintenance and support
  • Development of iOS widget


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