Google My Business

Is Google My Business Worth it for Your SEO Strategy?


oogle My Business (GMB) has been a useful tool in helping companies of all sizes to improve their search performance. It came as liberty from all the sponsored listings and gave more freedom to businesses to market themselves. 

GMB uses your business details like address, contact information, and operating hours to improve how your business appears in search results. GMB is trusted by internet users to provide accurate results about businesses, including reviews. This can be very beneficial if your target is the local market since 46% of search queries are local.

Why GMB?

Since GMB is a part of Google, the information it provides is also valuable for the search engine. Google has invested a lot in the advertising of the GMB, leading to a greater influence. resources, and data.

Here are some other ways Google My Business is helping businesses in their SEO strategies:

  • Appearance in Local listings

When people search for services or businesses near them, Google gives more preference to the businesses registered in the GMB. It will show them the businesses that best satisfy the user’s query. This can be a good way of increasing traffic to your website or the store. 

  • Business reviews

Reviews are an essential part of customer’s buying decisions. When they see how well other people’s experience has been with a business, they are more likely to go ahead with the purchase. With GMB, finding such reliable reviews is easier. 

  • Information on SERP

Google My Business listings are a great way of showing your business’ preview to customers without them actually visiting your website. Some people think that it might reduce the CTR but good practices can actually lead to a better user experience. 

Another good thing about this is that businesses use this section to answer FAQs and other related queries on a different SERP. 

  • Insight tracking

The Insight tool of Google My Business has allowed business owners to track their brand’s performance and other factors. This lets businesses gain a better understanding of their target market and devise suitable solutions. Businesses use these insights to come up with better and relevant marketing campaigns. 

No matter what size or type of business you own, GMB can be a really helpful tool in your marketing and SEO strategy. Proper use of the Google My Business listing can help businesses of all sizes to set a stronger foot in the market. 

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