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Viewy Digital is the best mobile app development company in Dubai. that has been serving customers from all across the globe. The Mobile industry is flourishing with each passing day and the future of mobile apps is glistening. Our goal is to execute your raw idea and convert it into a high-quality finished product. Our team comprises of mobile application developers in UAE  with exceptional skills.

With more than 86% of the global populace having access to mobile phones, it has become essential for companies and brands to have their own application for IOS, Android, Windows, and all other platforms. Attractive UI and UX have the potential to make a business grow at pace. At one of the renowned mobile application design companies, Viewy Digital, we are pillared by teams of creative-minded  experts who are engaged in build for IOS and Android platforms.

Why Mobile Apps are Important For Your Business?

Mobile Application is mandatory for your businesses to flourish as they allow you to communicate with your users directly. Mobile applications can help you in accessing information, ply games, monitor your homes or offices, interact with local and international businesses and so much more. The Mobile-based applications provide you the perfect marketing platform to enhance your sales and reach out to your target audiences.

Why Hire Viewy Digital for Mobile App Development

Our end-to-end mobile application development in Dubai, UAE allows business owners to reach mass consumers across the globe instantly. Our mobile team understand the business requirement of the clients and executes  in UAE accordingly. Not only this, the team ensures that the UX of the app seamlessly fits different screen sizes. At Viewy Digital, we charge reasonably for our  services. Feel free to connect with us for all necessities related to mobile application design in UAE.

We ensure that your requirements and goals are successfully executed by our experts at Viewy Digital. We provide the best mobile-based applications to customers in Dubai and worldwide with our robust  procedures and intelligent strategies.

  • Our highly skilled mobile application team are well-aware of the latest industry trends and advanced technologies.
  • We provide applications compatible to run on various platforms and operating systems.
  • We build customized apps where customers. requirements and demands are our foremost priority.
  • We provide the best quality at reasonable price ranges.
  • Our customer service is available 24/7 to interact with you and address your queries and concerns.
  • Our project management techniques are clearly documented to keep you informed throughout all the phases of our work.
  • Excessive testing is performed to ensure that the applications are bug-free.
  • We make sure that deadlines are strictly followed.

Viewy Digital Mobile App Development Process:

With our dexterity with various technologies, we as one of the top mobile app development companies in Dubai are agile in delivering secure, swift, and interactive mobile applications.

We fabricate the finest mobile apps for our esteemed customers across the globe.

Our agile application process, proactive approach, and smart solutions help you in devising the best strategies for your mobile applications on android or IOS.

Our wide array of the process include:

  • App technology consultation
  • Mobile-based application development on all platforms
  • Custom mobile application design
  • Providing enterprise mobility solutions
  • Quality Assurance and testing
  • App migration from one platform to another
  • Improvements or enhancements in already build mobile applications
  • Performance monitoring
  • Perform audit of mobile-based applications on various platforms
  • Native Apps development
  • Optimization

Reduce Costs, Provide Better Service with These Technologies

How to Hire a Mobile App Developer in Dubai

The most important factor to consider when hiring a mobile app developer in Dubai is whether they have the necessary skills and experience. Dubai is home to many different development companies, so you’ll want to make sure you find one that specifically specializes in mobile app development.

Another important factor to consider is cost. Mobile app development can be expensive, so you’ll want to get quotes from multiple companies before making a decision.

Last but not least, you need to be confident in the mobile app developer you choose. This means asking about their process, communication style, and whether they’re willing to work with you to ensure your app is successful.

Our Commitment to App Development Dubai

You can easily find your dream mobile app development company UAE at Viewy Digital who is also committed to serve out of the box app development services in Dubai and across other countries. Our team of certified and experienced app developers helps us in providing best app development services in UAE, we do not only aim to satisfy your requirements but design, develop and deliver your app at the right time. Our developers are always here to meet new challenges and are also always willing to knuckle down and get work done. 

  • Sound knowledge
  • Timely delivery
  • Guaranteed accessibility
  • Latest technological tools
  • Free 30-day guidance
  • Flexible configurations
  • Success-oriented concepts
  • Advanced privacy and security

Industries We Serve:

Retail & E-Commerce


Healthcare & Fitness


Travel & Hospitality

Food & Restaurant



Real Estate

Social Networking

Our Mobile App Development Services

Get in touch with us for building user-centric mobile-based applications ideal for your business growth and lead generation.


iOs app development is exciting because it allows people to create useful software for Apple's tablet and phone platforms. When you're looking for an iOS app development company, you want to find one that has a lot of experience and expertise in developing apps for the iPhone and iPad


An Android app development company can help you create a custom app for your business. They will work with you to understand your needs and develop a unique app that meets those needs. Android apps are developed using the Java programming language and the Android SDK.


An iPad app development company can help you create a unique and innovative iPad app that will make your device more useful and fun to use. With the help of an experienced team of developers, you can bring your ideas to life and make your app stand out from the rest.

Wearable App

If you want to develop an wearable app for personal use or for your business, we can help you achieve your goals. We understand the importance of creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface, and our developers will work closely with you to ensure that your app is perfect for your needs.

Advantages of Working with Viewy Digital

Business Possibilities

Viewy has guided a few well-known agencies and small startup companies in attaining a drilling strategic advantage with mobile applications that are tailored to their official requirements.

Smart Measures

We use agile project management techniques to create an environment that is flexible, clear-cut, high-quality, and continually updating.

Consultation & Techniques

We can provide you with excellent mobile app solutions that will improve the usefulness of your business. We provide secured, ideal-performing solutions that work in all advanced scenarios, from top executives all the way down to frontline employees.

Increase in ROI

We’ll turn your initial concepts into reality if you talk to us about them. Viewy Digital can assist you in increasing your return on investment and retention rate with powerful result-driven solutions. Get a mobile app that follows a lean principles.

Efficient Security

We effectively conduct security audits to identify and eliminate any cyberthreats and risks, as well as to include data encryption, which is resulting in applications that are essentially quicker and more secure.

Ultimate Quality Garantee

You start off with elite QAl when you use Viewy Digital. We confirm defined areas for the entire development and conduct recursive QA testing to ensure that your project is completed on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Viewy Digital provide for the creation of mobile applications?

In Dubai and the UAE, we provide comprehensive mobile app development. Our all-inclusive services range from concept generation and design to complete mobile application development and implementation.

For startups and businesses in a variety of industries, we create multi-platform (native and cross-platform) unique mobile applications. Whether you require a basic Android/iOS mobile app or a feature-rich application powered by cutting-edge technology, we can meet all of your requirements.

What is the price of creating a mobile application?

There is never a clear answer on the expense. The price of creating an app depends on several factors, including the client's needs and the complexity of the app, as well as the features, software development model, third parties that will be employed, the developer's experience, degree of UI/UX, and server expenses. Contact us to discuss your project idea so that our business analysts and software architects can work together to assess the costs associated with the development and determine whether it is possible to stay within your budget.

Which platform—Android or iOS—is preferable for developing mobile apps?

When determining whether to adopt iOS, Android, or both, there are many considerations to take into account, just like the cost of an App. The choice is influenced by the development pace, target market, revenue models, user interface design, etc. The largest global platform share belongs to Android, which is used in both developed and developing countries. However, it is well known that iOS users have higher conversion rates and higher average spending. The target audience is the only factor that should be considered when choosing a platform. Even better, if it helps your cause, choose both.

Do you provide support for mobile apps?

The scope of our services doesn't stop at development. Our team of mobile app specialists continues to offer post-deployment support and maintenance services following the conditions of the contract to keep your application up and running at peak efficiency.

How frequently will my app need to be updated?

It is generally advised to update your app at least once a month to make sure it responds to user feedback and keeps up with the most recent technological advancements and safety standards. However, there is no set limit on how frequently you should update your application. It can be anytime if you feel any change will impact positively your business.

Should I acquire an iOS or Android app?

The kind of application you need depends on your target market. Consider having an Android app if you trend toward people who use Android phones more frequently. However, iOS users typically pay more for premium app plans, so it's vital to keep your desired sales targets in mind as well when choosing the sort of app. If you want to have a much larger target customer base for your finished app, you can also consider getting a hybrid mobile app.

Does my app need to be tested?

Together with the developers, our in-house testing team will test the system. However, you may always test out the app and give our developers and Q/A staff your opinion.

Should we support both the Android tablet version and the iOS iPad version?

Yes, we can have a specific tablet and iPad version of the app if your budget is flexible enough. However, you should be aware that adding more versions will put more money in your pocket.

When a new OS is released for both iOS and Android, what should be done?

When an updated OS is released, you should test the app there first and keep track of any issues. Once finished, you should speak with our development staff to ask them to find a speedy fix. Additionally, Apple and Google disseminate alternatives for the features they are eliminating.

How long does it take to create a mobile application with all the necessary features?

A very simple smartphone app can be created in about three months. The development of a complex mobile app, however, may take longer than nine months.

The time it takes to finish creating your mobile app project entirely depends on the external aspects to be taken into account, such as: How sophisticated you want your app to be and What key attributes you want your app to have. There is no set time limit to develop a fully-functional mobile app for your business.

Can I modify my app after it has been published?

We advise starting your project by releasing the most basic version of your software and then making adjustments over time. The rationale behind publishing a rudimentary version of an app is that you've made some assumptions that you can't test until you release the app, and then you can use that uploaded app to determine the priority of new plans.

To continuously improve things for you, we offer a development model in which we budget a specific amount of developer time each month.

Which mobile app development is best?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best mobile app development platform for you will depend on your specific needs and requirements. However, some popular options include Android Studio, Xamarin, and React

Why mobile app development is important?

There are many reasons why mobile app development is important. Perhaps the most important reason is that mobile apps can help businesses reach a larger audience. With more people using smartphones and tablets, having a mobile app can help you tap into this growing market

What does a mobile app development company do?

A mobile app development company creates applications for mobile devices. These can be native apps, web apps, or hybrid apps. They work with clients to create specifications and then design, develop, test, and deploy the app.

What are mobile app development services?

Our mobile app development services can help you create a custom mobile app for your business or project. We can work with you to design and develop a highly effective app that meets your specific needs and objectives. Contact us today to learn more about our

Mobile app development company near me

If you're looking for a mobile app development company near you, we can help. We have a directory of developers in your area who can help you create the app of your dreams.