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Viewy Digital, a renowned PHP web development company in Dubai, UAE has been developing PHP web applications for the last 7 years. We use a standard LAMP environment to build server applications and websites for any business domain and vertical. We are experts in various frameworks which including CakePHP, Zend Framework and Yii Frameworks to quickly create large-scale websites. To build responsive websites, we embed our HTML5 skills with PHP expertise.

 In order to render effective PHP web development services in UAE, we pay special attention to our PHP team and continuously nourish it with personnel training and motivation, knowledge sharing, and performance monitoring. A renowned PHP web development company in UAE, Viewy Digital has been serving clients across different sectors. PHP web development services in UAE, we satisfy the standard and bespoke web development needs of individuals. Features of our PHP Web development services are:

Benefits of PHP Website Development Service:

PHP is a preferred language for web development because it is flexible and provides easy assistance to internet builders for creating different types of websites.   PHP website development has the following benefits to offer:

  • Cost productive:

PHP is open-source and free of cost. You do not need to purchase expensive programs for it and will be able to produce a site at a negligible cost.

  • Well-organized:

PHP is adaptable and allows you to easily upgrade the website and manage a number of its pages.

  • Control:

PHP, unlike other languages, does not require long content so it offers control over the websites. If at any point you require to roll out developments you can do it without any problem.

  • Tested:

It has been used for more than two decades and its abilities have been verified by many professionals.

  • Protected:

It is one of the most secure methods of creating websites and applications because it has a security layer that keeps viruses and threats away.

  • Easily adjustable:

PHP is good for all servers as it bolsters all of them whether it is Microsoft or Apache or an individual web server.

Our PHP Website Development Services:

Viewy digital is the best choice for PHP Website Development in UAE as we offer great services. The features of our services include:    

  • We offer application deployment, stabilization, and regular maintenance.
  • PHP development under Linux OS (Linux, RedHat Fedora, Ubuntu)
  • Development of professional MySQL database and its optimization
  • Multi-tier web server setup, architecture design, optimization, and configuration
  • Offers services to Apache and other web servers including IIS, Ngnix, etc


Why Choose Viewy Digital for PHP Website Development

Viewy digital is a reliable PHP Website Development Agency in UAE and can offer the most suitable solutions.

Here are a few reasons for hiring us is an excellent investment.

  • We have a skilled team of PHP developers. They have about seven years of experience in databases, PHP web applications, and CMS development.
  • The developers are highly competent and have managed to publish most awarded web apps and pages. We are very active in the community and are members of a number of PHP developer’s forums. We are in touch with innovations, new talent, and ideas.
  • Our PHP developers are fully capable of building custom web solutions to satisfy business needs.

Viewy digital gives priority to the customers and our work process starts with the creative vision of the client and focuses on ensuring the best return of the investment.

Get in touch with us and benefit from our PHP web development services.

Work With Us

php website develoipment
  • Our team of PHP developers have 7 years of experience in PHP web application, database and CMS development.

  • The developers at Viewy Digital have published a number of most awarded web pages and web apps! We are active members of several PHP developers communities and forums that constantly expose us to new ideas and new talent.

  • Our PHP developers can build custom web solutions that meet your business needs. Viewy Digital’

Why Choose Us

  • Our PHP Web developers code the website with complete database support that has non-compatibility issues with popular OS and various web servers.
  • We have been using a range of PHP extensions and libraries so we can integrate all latest extensions in your project.
  • We code all of our projects with strong architecture which helps to provide the security and immunity against all malicious attacks.
  • Our programmers follows every aspect of w3c validation.