Aadam Fresh

About The Client

Adams Fresh, an online marketplace for fresh fish, meat, poultry and groceries in UAE.

aadam fresh case study

We provide on and off-site maintenance and technical support issues to  Aadam Fresh and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.


Why Viewy Digital?

  • We do not only produce great designs, we create worlds.
  • We create brands and products that stand out, get noticed and deliver real results.
  • We craft digital solutions. The kind that combines the power of technology with your brand’s message.


A perfect website to ensure the best user experience with its easy navigation, to be presentable by its impeccable design, and meeting the latest trends requirements to convert visitors into leads is not only a skill but also a challenge.


How did Aadam's Fresh Used Digital marketing strategies for its successful venture?

For online ventures, social media presence is everything. Your potential customers might be scrolling through Facebook newsfeeds or liking Instagram posts. They might be using Twitter or posting on LinkedIn. How about if they are reading about a problem on quora, that your product might solve? Without regular social media handling, businesses have limited ground to play. We build an amazing social media presence for Aadams and the results were fascinating.

Viewy Digital creates better user experiences and Google ad experiences

Amazing results, high conversions, and huge amounts of traffic – all of which can only be achieved with the right type of advertising campaign. With proven capabilities and expertise in all elements of digital marketing, we took the responsibility of getting leads for Aadams by reaching their target audience, boosting sales, increasing brand awareness, and improving conversions. We targeted keywords related to grocery, online ordering, restaurants,
and much more in the process


Tools & Technologies

Viewy's Solution-Oriented Process

  • We developed Aadams Fresh website with Magento 2.4 and assist them getting their set goals. Let’s have a quick look at the process.
  • We start with putting out a plan to increase the overall performance of the website. Our expert consultant discussed the plan with the customer to explain everything. This was the strateging and analyizing phase.
  • We implemented the required design using Magento 2 Commerce Cloud edition version 2 and change the look of the eCommerce store.
  • For easy PWA implementation on Magento, we use ScandiPWA, a ready-to-use theme.

Building Engagement via Facebook and Instagram

Our marketing team utilizes the top platforms to reach, engage and cater to a wide audience. The team tailors content for the needs of each social network and the interests of its target audience. We successfully reached out to a global audience on behalf of aadams Fresh in its niche market. The company has increased its customer base through a well-designed social media marketing strategy. The team strategically posted on Instagram and Facebook, attracting various demographics to view the product. Our marketing team updated the topics and posted content with the latest trends. We worked on brand awareness, and user engagement and build a comprehensive social media structure around 6 Platforms to hit maximum prospects.


We delivered a masterpiece of a website for Aadams Fresh by meeting up all the client’s requirements at the high expectation level for them. Many factors influenced the success of Aadams Fresh Website. Our specialists exhibited good teamwork throughout the development to implementation process to take this website to the next level. Aadams Fresh achieved high recognition, standing above competitors and we ensured customers get a steady user experience throughout their journey and through all channels. The success of the Aadams Fresh Website is mainly attributed to the team who worked hard and came up with innovative and creative ideas that were then translated into an engaging user experience.