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Introducing a Digital transformation journey

Led your money exchange with the app that provides a user-centric and smooth mobile experience, with cutting-edge security and processing capabilities.

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Customer Journey:

  • UsratiPAY is one of the best payment apps in the world that provides you with a complete solution to manage your card and balance. You can use it anywhere and anytime, with any device.


    International transfer: You can transfer money from one country to another country with just a few taps.

    Payment: You can pay bills, utility bills, toll fees, etc through this application.
  •  Recharge: You can recharge your mobile or landline number easily by using this application.

Proposed Solution

The application communication layer is a middle layer that lies between the application and the other closed network systems, and it’s responsible for communicating with all of the APIs,the app and related functions. This ensures the safety on multiple levels.
This layer has complete data hy using tracking systems and analytics. all the communication and activities from this layer are filtered to monitor the entire process.

The internal structure is designed in micro categories to manage easily and to be flexible as per the user’s need and experience.

Skillfully designed micro configurations which are deep inter connected with the different system layers help in the management of functions and features.

All technical handling is done via flags from the central management system to control any irregularities.

Professional dashboards help the admins and moderators to keep an eye on transactions, ingoings, and outgoings from the application.

To have a record of customers’ experience, different analytical tools have been implanted because there is always room to grow and be better.

The Result

Design and Development journey towards MVP

Sharaf Exchange, the UAE’s leading money transfer company, has built a consumer-based mobile application that aims to remove the inefficiencies in the Transfers-across-Borders (TOB) industry. UsratiPAY is the advanced version of any money exchanging forum with Smart Contract capabilities that facilitates instant fund transfers between individuals and businesses. We design and market this application to the cloud for further scalability and flexibility.


Sharaf Exchange enthusiastically offers solutions to individuals and businesses worldwide and served
thousands of customers.

The main challenge for Sharaf Exchange was how to provide its customers with a seamless experience when it comes to managing their debit card and international transactions. The company wanted to make sure that all transactions were done online, which meant there had to be a way for them to communicate with existing systems across multiple banks. This communication was one of the main pain points as it was in a closed bank network as part of security protocols.

Sharaf Exchange decided it would be best if all of their systems were on one platform so that they could easily integrate all these different systems into one centralized place, which then allowed them to easily manage their daily operations from anywhere in the world.

Technologies used


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