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About The Client

M MMJ was founded in 2007 by a group of technocrats with rich and varied expertise & experience in the industry. It has grown to be a premiere institution with its head office in Dubai. The company has a list of services that includes Fire alarm systems, smoke detection systems, fire detection and alarm systems, Intruder Alarm Systems, Pyrotechnic Alarms, CCTV Surveillance Systems & much more. While designing their company’s website it was vital for us to create a simplistic and informative UX (User Experience).

The website has generated more inquiries for MMJ from both clients and potential clients alike, which shows that there is great potential to grow their business after we digitalize them.

Our website maintenance and technical support to
MMJ security and safety

The Viewy Digital & MMJ collaborated in 2019 to carry out a detailed SEO inspection of their website and audit their web
presence, technical errors, and overall performance. We inspect the website and crafted an audit report which consists of issues affecting the performance of this website. We used data from multiple sources and the latest tools to produce a complex, detailed, and helpful analysis report, which clearly indicates all the errors that were causing lost traffic for the website. We have years of experience and performance indicating system for SEO checkups which helps to identify precedence areas for enhancement. The SEO inspection for the MMJ proved to be a planner to give long-term success to the website.


Proposed Solution


Our team of digital marketing experts integrating effective strategies, designers, writers, optimizers, web developers, SEO geeks, and content marketing experts designed a thorough to-do list based on our previously done detailed audit report of all the errors. With the in-depth information and expertise that our experts have acquired throughout the years as a leading digital marketing company, we ensure MMJ to deliver not only rankings by leads and we did that. We completely changed the wireframe of their website after their approval and designated it as their branding partner. We ranked that website on at least 30+ keywords on the first page to maximize the organic traffic. And to engage new traffic, we change the entire data of the website and put SEO-optimized high-quality text, images, and media. But this amazing revamping of the website was just the beginning.

The Result

Challenges Faced By The Client


MJ focused so much on providing quality services and keeping its reputation intact that it left with no time to invest in its online presence, branding, website, and social media handling. In this era, when visibility is the key to opening the treasures for any brand, this hits them hard and they faced many problems like:

We tackle all these problems for them because our clients can’t leave the money on the table. How we did that is a journey of skill and persistence.

The Proposed Solution Also Included

Technologies used


Our team effort and creativity results in sales and we observed a substantial increase in their customer base. We took pride in over-delivering and making online businesses successful using our proven strategies and skills.

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