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About The Client

A Web App that is developed for the users of different mediums including traditional television, connected TV, and the Internet. “Poppin by Popcentral” is an interactive application in which viewers can watch shows from multiple
platforms including iOS and Android and connect via their browser. This allows users to enjoy more content from
any device with a web connection.

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Our process of Design and Developement

The application is designed with multi-layered architecture with the flexibility of scaling to the next level through the application journey. In the initial phase, it was designed according to the best user experience. In between development stages, connecting multiple systems in real-time is done while providing efficient traceability between various systems by creating a proper communication channel through effective use of the middle layer between various systems.

User journey:

As a member of POPPIN, you will be able to watch all of Popcentral’s shows on the go via mobile devices. Here are some of the features that make POPPIN different from other video-on-demand (VOD) apps:

Profile Creation:

Sign up to POPPIN with Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail and set up your user name and display picture.

Add your Wallet:

After logging in, you can opt for the option “open a wallet” to be facilitated smooth and save transactions in and out of the app. This is not mandatory and users have the choice to opt for this feature.


You will get a Live Stream on Poppin from Popcentral TV.

Guide List:

There will be a guide list for shows on the channel to help the users select the shows of their choice.

Clips & Promos:

You will be entertained with short clips, upcoming promos, and trailers of different shows that will be uploaded on the Poppins frequently.


You will be able to express, write and share your thoughts about different shows on Popcentral TV via Poppin app. You can also share the on social media or with your friends.


Viewers will be able to clock in while viewing Live stream to show their presence.


Viewers will be able to point out if they like any live stream or for how long they watchd any content. Their liking will be measured on the base of duration they spent while watching any particular content.


Users will be able to follow other users or get followers on their profile. Sharing content between the users will strengthen the community.


You will be able to post any text or media, ie photo or video. Your followers will be able to watch and interact with your content.


User have the option to pay through wallet or external means to shop anything on Central Market. The shop will have user friendly interface for the user to navigate easily.


POPPIN is a new and exciting app that enhances the gaming experience. It allows users to buy or add games directly on the app while watching their favourite shows. There will also be some free games.

Chat BOT:

POPPIN is a platform that allows users to click on their TV screen during a live or pre-recorded program to submit comments and have them displayed as an overlay in the comment section. ( we are considering some changes to make the process smooth for the users)


Your opinions are important to us so you will be allowed to participate in real-time polls ( via app )displayed on the TV. ( we are considering some changes to make the process smooth for the users)

Cash Exchange:

To create a helping community, Poppins will add a feature to lend and receive cash between users through their wallets ( in USSD currency ). A recharge option will also be available.


Users will have the facility to call in the show directly through the app.

Ad Videos:

Users will be able to put their ads and promos through a video. Once videos are approved, payment will be made through the app wallet.

Easy Navigation:

We design Poppins app for the best user experience with an easy-to-navigate layout and functions. You will experience a smoothness with amusement.

The Result

Technologies used


A great challenge for Poppins was to handle the large traffic of the viewers who wanted to have an online experience of watching shows on demand. To be able to do this with proper data usage, without stream interruptions, and bringing existing channels to the internet was a little complicated. The infrastructure of those channels wasn’t ready to be exposed to the
online world.


Instead of managing everything on a macro level, we divide it into a micro-service architecture to be able to handle it smoothly. It helped in the flexible handling of the large sum of users.

Technically created micro substructures which are deep inter connected with the different system layers help in the management of functions and features.

We designed a middle subcaste for the operation of communication which is being operated from the mobile app by the APIs.
The App and affiliated features are only communicating through this subcaste and the other systems are coherent with the main layer.

Log-ins and analytics are managed by the middle layer and have a complete tracking system. To monitor the whole application, some filters have been installed in the layers. ( for precautionary purposes)

Content management allows the admins to control all the features of the app. We have automated the system to the best of our ability.

Different functions like the live stream, user info, conversions, and conversations are managed by CMS moderators, based on their roles and authority.

To keep data organized, we have google data studio and firebase analytics to record users’ behavior and experience on the app.

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