Remarketing Ads

remarketing advertising

Have you ever had the feeling that someone was watching you while you were online? On Facebook, CNN, and nearly every other website you visit, your search for outfits for your little daughter and get the same results. No, you are not being stalked; rather, remarketing is a type of internet marketing. This form of advertising has become more and more common as firms move their operations online.

The main goal of remarketing is to track down customers who have expressed sufficient interest in your goods or services to visit your website. Compared to visitors who have not yet visited your website, these individuals are more likely to carry out the action you are considering a conversion.

Types of Remarketing

The following categories can be used to describe remarketing strategy:

  1. Remarketing – Search, Display, Video. Dynamics etc. 
  2. How to organize website users into different audiences.
  3. What tests to perform before remarketing
  4. How these remarketing campaigns can be improved.

Google Remarketing Ads & Viewy Digital

With more than 6  years of experience in the digital sector, Viewy Digital has seen the development of the digital landscape in the United Arab Emirates. In reality, some of the most effective digital ads for well-known businesses in the UAE were created by us. Viewy Digital has also occupied a big space in the google remarketing agency in Dubai, UAE.

Our online ad marketers are knowledgeable in remarketing advertising strategies and will fine-tune your campaigns to connect with your target market.

Our Remarketing Services

  1. Standard Remarking

When previous visitors surf websites and use apps on the Display Network, this type of remarketing shows them adverts.

  1. Mobile app Remarketing 

Visitors to mobile applications or mobile websites should see your advertisements when they access or utilise other mobile apps or websites.

  1. Video Marketing 

As users browse through YouTube and Display Network videos, websites, and applications, display advertising to those who have interacted with your content or YouTube channel.

  1. Search Ads remarketing lists 

When previous visitors to your website conduct follow-up Google searches, they will see your adverts.

  1. Email list remarketing 

Customers who have registered their email addresses will see advertisements when they log into Google Search, YouTube, or Gmail.

  1. Dynamic Remarketing

use advertisements for goods or services that website visitors have clicked on to advance remarketing.

By tailoring your ad wording and bids to the highly specific demographic you’re chasing, you can significantly increase the return on your investment as seen in your accounts.

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