iphone app development trends

iPhone App Development Trends To Look Out In 2022

It has become quite obvious that technology has exceeded our humanity. Technology is the best when it brings people together and makes them one. App development is very necessary for upgrading things. Here, we will tell you about iPhone App development and the trends to look out for in 2022. We will first tell you what app development is, and …

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Mobile App Development

Is It Worth Hiring a Mobile App Development Agency?

 S  martphones are a crucial part of our lifestyle. The mobile industry is growing from business and consumer perspectives. Companies want to develop apps because they can assist in staying in touch with the customers and providing a memorable experience. If you think that you have a solid app idea then the first step should be hiring a mobile app development company …

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web development

COVID-19 and App Explosion: Impact Of The Pandemic On App Usage

 c  ovid-19 has changed the world in many ways. Businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic. To survive in the current situation businesses had to find ways to adapt. The huge surge in mobile interactions showed companies that they needed to invest in app development to stay connected, productive, and manage finances without any trouble. To survive the pandemic …

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Android app development

12 Tips To Choose Android APP Development Company For Your Projects In 2020

 H  iring an Android App Development Company for turning your ideas into reality is a vital step. Android is the most popular mobile-based platform with 124.4 million users worldwide. Tips to choose Android Development Company The Android App Developers at Viewy Digital ensure that the apps are user-centric and of superior quality. A few tips for choosing a development firm …

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mobile app maintenance

5 Reasons To Take Mobile App Maintenance Seriously

 T  he number of smartphone users is increasing immensely. This has led to a growth in the significance of mobile apps for businesses of all types.  Designing and developing user-centric mobile apps, and app maintenance is extremely important for your apps to stay up to date. Viewy Digital offers the best mobile app maintenance and support services to its valued …

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the phenomenal of mobile apps amidst the covid19 pandemic

The Phenomenal Rise Of Mobile Apps Amidst The Covid-19 Pandemic

 T  he world has changed a lot over the last few months. Going digital has become a priority because embracing technologist tools is essential for surviving in a world where COVID-19 is a reality.  The world economy has suffered tremendously because of the pandemic. Many businesses have failed to survive the difficult time and app maintenance services in the UAE …

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iphone app development

Top 5 i Phone App Trends To Follow in 2020

 D igital developments have been bursting out all over the place. Among all other mobile brands, Apple is marking the standard by putting forth tough competition for other popular brands. Mobile solutions are facilitating the lives of people all day. It is now making their lives as convenient as they can get. Have a look at the latest top 5 …

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hire mobile app developer

Things to Know Before Hiring a Mobile Application Development Service in UAE

 T  he demand for mobile applications has greatly increased with the growing influence of internet. It is because people prefer opening tabs in their mobiles rather than switching on their desktop. The users prefer using applications on their mobile phones suiting their requirements as they are comparatively handy and easily operable. With the easy availability of mobile internet facilities, mobile …

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