7 key lessons learned from the pandemic to strengthen online grocery

7 Key Lessons Learned from the Pandemic to Strengthen Online Grocery

 T  he eCommerce business in Dubai and worldwide has been greatly impacted due to the Coronavirus pandemic. People and businesses are adapting to the evolving market place currently by shifting to online grocery stores for attuning to the new normal.  The current pandemic has unfolded that the business processes are flawed when it comes to dealing with certain disasters, situations, …

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5 top features you should offer on your grocery ecommerce website

5 Top Features You Should Offer on Your Grocery eCommerce Website

 D  uring the current global situation, a majority of shoppers have shifted to eCommerce stores for buying groceries and other essentials. This surge in the conversion rate of these online stores depends upon the user-centric features embedded into them. The eCommerce website must offer the following features for enriched user experience : Streamlined Product Search An efficient product search functionality …

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How eCommerce Trends are Sending the Grocery Industry Back to its Roots

How eCommerce Trends are Sending the Grocery Industry Back to its Roots?

 T he eCommerce websites for grocery are evolving themselves according to the current global situation. The personalized grocery mobile apps focus on providing users with the most user-centric solution. People can now order groceries online without visiting a store physically and enjoy an amazing shopping experience. eCommerce in Early Days During the early days, the grocery stores operated in such a …

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