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Top 5 i Phone App Trends To Follow in 2020


igital developments have been bursting out all over the place. Among all other mobile brands, Apple is marking the standard by putting forth tough competition for other popular brands. Mobile solutions are facilitating the lives of people all day. It is now making their lives as convenient as they can get.

Have a look at the latest top 5 newest trends in iPhone App Development Dubai to get a better understanding of why Apple iOS technology is the future.

More advanced Siri

Apple’s personal assistant Siri becomes more advanced with the advent of newer iOS versions. This AI-based assistant is way smarter than any other smart app player. Siri can give correct answers to over 70% questions. Over the period, it keeps on gaining ground for assisting the users more efficiently.

Apple has brought Sirikit to ease iOS app development in UAE to integrate the Siri advancements.

Stronger Core ML 2

Apple has been consistently putting efforts to deliver excellent innovation since the launch of its first iPhone. Today, this software giant focuses on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) technologies to bring next-gen functionality. Inauguration of Core ML 2 is an immense step towards incorporating ML grounded features in the personalized iPhone and iPad app development solution.

AR and VR

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) trends are here to stay. ARKit 2, an innovative form of ARKit in iOS 12, is ready to fetch great AR experience in the app. From enhanced face tracing to 3D object discovery, the ARKit 2 is furnished with several state-of-the-art features.

ARKit 2 is created to permit the users to create an AR-based art that is possible to be viewed by other people in the same place anytime.

More prominent apple pay

We live in the age of mCommerce and the usage of the mobile wallet is growing gradually. Hence, one can predict that in the coming years, the prominence of Apple Pay will increase globally.

As most businesses owners want to offer a secure and swift online transaction facility to the customers. So, the trend of integrating Apple Pay is going to prevail this year and beyond as well.

Enhanced Security

App security is a top concern for iOS and Android app developers alike. However, iOS comes with slightly elevated features from its Android correspondents when it comes to security-related features. Apple has focused more on privacy protection and data security in recent years. The continuous improvements in OS security enable the app developers to keep the hackers at bay.

Every newer version of iOS addresses privacy and security-related issues. Authentication and encryption features are in place to provide more security to the users. The iPad and iPhone app developers will utilize all these features to provide more secure app experience to the end-users and enterprise clients.

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