5 top features you should offer on your grocery ecommerce website

5 Top Features You Should Offer on Your Grocery eCommerce Website


uring the current global situation, a majority of shoppers have shifted to eCommerce stores for buying groceries and other essentials. This surge in the conversion rate of these online stores depends upon the user-centric features embedded into them.

The eCommerce website must offer the following features for enriched user experience :

  • Streamlined Product Search

An efficient product search functionality must be given maximum attention during an eCommerce website development or an eCommerce app development. This is due to the fact that most online stores fail because users are unable to find their desired products in them while browsing. For an enriched user experienced there must be:

  1. Auto-suggestions in the search bar 
  2. Category-specific search
  3. Add to cart option in the search results page


  • Consistent and Updated Product Info

The inventory must be tracked frequently so that real-time data on the number of available products is displayed on the website. This is extremely important during a pandemic when supply chains are disrupted for minimum delayed or canceled orders.

  •  Add List Items to Cart

The conversion rate from the shopping list is quite high for in-store customers. So, the users must be able to add items showing in the list directly to their carts to speed up the process and make things robust.

  • Seamless Checkout Procedure

The users shopping from online grocery stores are likely to abandon their orders if the checkout process is lengthy and complex. During an eCommerce website development, you must focus on making the checkout process painless and quick. It must have the following features :

  1. Allow online orders for fresh foods, prepared meals, and meat
  2. User must be able to save and re-order previous lists 
  3. Multiple payments options
  4. Multiple delivery options


  • Home delivery or click-and-collect options

The users must be presented with two options such as scheduled home delivery or a BOPIS(click and collect) so that they can choose any according to their convenience,  urgency, and personal preferences.

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