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  • Category Development
  • Client Poppin by Popcentral
  • Start Date 12 April 2021
  • Handover 30 July 2021
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Build, streamline and evolve together with solution

A Web App that is developed for the users of different mediums including traditional television, connected TV, and the Internet. “Poppin by Popcentral” is an interactive application in which viewers can watch shows from multiple platforms including iOS and Android and connect via their browser. This allows users to enjoy more content from any device with a web connection.

  • + OTT Mobile APP
  • + HLS Integration
  • + Live Streaming
  • + Native IOS
  • + Native Android
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Our Process of Design and Development

By adopting a micro-service architecture instead of a macro approach, we've enhanced our ability to manage operations smoothly, effectively handling a large user base. The intricately interconnected micro substructures, integrated across system layers, facilitate efficient management of functions and features. Additionally, a communication-focused middle subcaste, operated through mobile app APIs, ensures streamlined interactions, while log-ins and analytics are efficiently handled by this layer, employing a comprehensive tracking system and layered filters for monitoring. To ensure organized data and user experience, Google Data Studio and Firebase Analytics are employed.

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Adding the latest shows is a breeze with just a few simple steps, while users can conveniently view their "latest" and "old" shows separately. Users have the flexibility to modify their preferences before confirming actions, including checking the subscription plan cost, and securely saving their credit card details.